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Eccentric by reputation, Kellie is one of those artists who started putting marks on paper as a little kid and never gave it up. She was waylaid by other work-forms and family-making, got educated in behavior analysis, but the  behavior that stuck was art-making. She received her first awards and sales for painting in high school, and did some serious career junk , but finally came to her senses to become a real live artist. She’s not dead yet, so you can expect a lot more light and color from this wacky woman.

Kellie’s current project is called 100 Faces, a personal portrait challenge. Her goal is to create works in which light informs mood and color in a wide variety of expressive faces.  


Kellie's Art

Welcome to the world of Kellie, where art meets passion. We invite you to browse our collection of unique and captivating pieces, each one a reflection of Kellie’s creative vision. If you see something you love or have an idea for a custom commission, please reach out to us. You can purchase existing pieces directly from the website, or we can discuss creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for you.

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Experience art up close and personal with our exclusive merchandise collection. From prints to apparel, each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, handpicked by the artist to bring art and color to your life and living space.

Kellie's Blog

Explore the creative journey of an experienced artist in the remaking. Join Kellie as she shares her experiences rebuilding her art biz and the challenges she faces along the way. Discover her unique approach to her craft, the bold moves she takes to stand out, and the inspirations that drive her forward. Read the blog and be part of Kellie’s artistic evolution.

Art from the Heart

When you make the commitment to buy or commission a piece of original artwork, Kellie understands that it’s a serious decision. She understands that you’ve made the step up from department store prints to the real thing, so she makes sure your experience as a collector is worthwhile. Your artwork can arrive framed based on Kellie’s aesthetic, or you can receive it to have it framed locally as a whole experience in itself. Some artworks are created so that they do not need framing, with the sides painted to create a finished work. We will discuss all of these options for the specific piece you want as we plan your project.   

Kellie always looks forward to bringing beauty and luminosity to your life and living spaces through art.

Stunning Work and Exceptional Service
"I have had the pleasure to commission two small oil paintings of beloved family dogs from Kellie. These small paintings bring me joy every time I see them. One is displayed on a wall in my bedroom and therefore gives me great vibes every time I enter and leave that room. The other is on the wall of my granddaughter's room as the painting is of her first dog who is so dear to her and her parents. Kellie's work is beautifully done and conveys her love of the canines that is so much a part of my heart."
Linda Margaret Ross
I believe art should make you feel something.
"I believe art should make you feel something. Kellie's art is always so bright and alive. Whether it be an animal or a person, her work just makes me happy. I bought a portrait of a chestnut horse for my mom for Christmas. She loves it! My mom is a bit of a horse fanatic and commented how much character the horse in the painting had. It's one thing to draw or paint an image. It's another thing altogether to be able to bring it to life. That's what Kellie does."
Katie Forbes Clement-Syed
Transforming My Space with Art
"I recently purchased several pieces of Kellie's artwork to decorate my home, and I couldn't be happier with my choice. Her pieces are truly unique and add such a beautiful touch to my living space. Kellie was easy to work with and provided helpful recommendations on how to display my pieces to best effect. I can't recommend her enough to anyone looking to elevate their home decor with stunning, one-of-a-kind art."
Elizabeth W.

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