Update on 100 Faces Portrait Challenge

Man with braided white beard, glasses, straw hat, black teeshirt
Man with braided white beard, glasses, straw hat, black teeshirt

As of this writing, I’ve completed 36 Faces of the 100 Faces portrait challenge. Check below to see some of them.

As of this point the project is gathering momentum. Not only are people growing more interested in the project, but I’m getting lots of requests to be included in it! I love this! If you send photos I will do my best to include you, but I go by feel. Like, what face strikes me that day? What kind of mood am I in? Does this picture have great lighting? Is it clear enough? (Fuzzy photos don’t work that well.)

Since participating in the Making a Marc exhibit I’ve met a number of Pittsburgh area artists, and they’ve given me some great advice, including people to talk to who might be great resources. So, I’ve been friending people on Facebook (I know, I know… the whole point of starting this blog was to find ways to work AWAY from Facebook, but the fact is, it’s hard to find anything as effective.)

As far as the process itself, I’m learning so much about portraiture. I knew I would learn, but it’s interesting what little, subtle things I’m learning. Once I finish this, I am thinking that I’ll start a class. Stay tuned.

My big goal is to put together a book based on the portraits. I want to give a brief bio of each person, and tell about my process, and what I learned about each one. I feel so connected to each person as I paint their wonderful faces. I’m not sure exactly how to make that happen. I might need to do a Kickstarter. I’m trying to decide whether the book should come after the exhibit, or the exhibit should come after the book so that I can sign books at the exhibit! Of course I’ll also need to talk about my art at the exhibit, so who knows? I’m sorting it all out now.

Do you have questions about the project? Please reach out!