Mug! Snowball, Warrior Chief. Size Options with Color Inside

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Add a splash of color to your morning coffee or tea ritual! These ceramic mugs not only have a beautiful design on them, but also a colorful rim, handle, and inside, so the mug is bound to spice up your mug rack.

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In the realm where shadows dance and moonlight weaves an eerie tapestry, the tale of Snowball unfolds—a story woven with threads of fate and turmoil, cloaked in a shroud of darkness. Born to a feral cat, he and his brother Greg were snatched from the wild by the grasp of humanity, only to be abandoned shortly thereafter, left to navigate the unforgiving world on their own.

From the very heart of adversity, Snowball arose, a figure touched by the essence of both resilience and enigma. Carving his path with claws unsheathed and a fierce determination that belied his innocent beginnings, he ascended to a position of unparalleled power within the enigmatic Blood Moon Clan. He emerged as the Warrior Chief, a title etched in blood and earned through battles that tested the mettle of his very soul.

Yet, Snowball’s rise was not an easy ascent. His days were a tapestry woven with conflict, where he clashed against malevolent forces that thrived in the abyss of night. To him, these adversaries were not shades of gray; they were the embodiment of evil, forces that sought to unravel the fragile threads of existence that the Blood Moon Clan clung to.

In the throes of his destiny, Snowball found himself tethered to his brother, Greg. A bond forged by shared experiences and mutual survival, their connection was marked by an unspoken understanding. Snowball’s commitment to his brother’s dominion as the enigmatic Overlord was unyielding, an oath sworn in the depths of their shared trials. Despite the silent truth that Greg’s allegiance was bound not by sentimentality but by pragmatism, Snowball’s loyalty remained steadfast, a shield of protection cast over the throne of his sibling.

Within the clandestine web of feline politics, Snowball’s position as Warrior Chief was not just defined by his title. It was a testament to his indomitable spirit, his unwavering resolve to stand sentinel against the encroaching malevolence that sought to extinguish the Blood Moon Clan’s light. His reign was marked by calculated strategies and the thundering clash of fangs and claws, as he battled alongside his spectral brethren to safeguard their eerie dominion.

Yet, beneath the veneer of a warrior’s heart beat the pulse of secrets. In the depth of night’s embrace, Greg’s love for the alluring Electra Von Sassypants remained a haunting enigma. A yearning whispered to the moon’s silvery glow, a fragile emotion masked by the weight of his role. While Snowball fought for dominion and survival, Greg’s heartstrings tugged towards a house cat that seemed to embody a world beyond their own.

As the moon cast its spectral light, the tale of Snowball and the Blood Moon Clan unraveled—a saga painted in shades of darkness and mystery. Within its layers, an unbreakable bond between brothers, a commitment to defend, and an unspoken yearning intertwined, casting a shadowy spell over a realm where claws gleamed and secrets danced on the edge of moonbeams.

Product Details:
• Ceramic
• 11 oz mug dimensions: 3.79″ (9.6 cm) in height, 3.25″ (8.3 cm) in diameter
• 15 oz mug dimensions: 4.69″ (11.9 cm) in height, 3.35″ (8.5 cm) in diameter
• Colored rim, inside, and handle
• Dishwasher and microwave safe

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