I Guarantee My Expressive Portraits

Woman with short brown hair making silly face, glasses
Woman with short brown hair making silly face, glasses

For Example, this is my sister. She is a good sport. Would you like to be a good sport? Maybe your business partner is a good sport! Planning a retirement party for a good sport? Commission something this amazing for the good sports in your life. Prices start at $300 for an unframed original 8×10. Framing can be added. Insured shipping is included.

Head over here for ideas and more info: www.kelliesnider.art.

Why work with Kellie Snider (aka moi)?  

Kellie is known for her use of color, texture, and facial expressions in her portraits. She works with the person commissioning the portrait to identify characteristics that reflect the unique personality and demeanor of the person or pet to be portrayed. Kellie does artworks in other styles occasionally, but she primarily works in portraiture.

My Promises to You 

Each painting is original and unique, painted by hand by award-winning artist, Kellie Snider. The materials used are high quality so that your portrait can survive for decades or even centuries.  

The artwork you receive will not be digitally created or manipulated, It will be painted by hand in real paint on canvas or art panels. Digital work is fine for what it is. It can work great for websites or marketing materials, but if you want an heirloom, an original painting by a real-live artist is the way to go. It’s like growing up and buying good furniture and passing the hand-me-down furniture and Ikea stuff on to someone who is just starting out. You know that feeling of crawling into a solid wood bed that doesn’t squeak? You’ll feel that way when you look at your original artwork on the wall. You’re no longer looking at an inexpensive digital print. You’re looking at a piece of one-of-a-kind original hand-made art.  

100% Guarantee: I stand behind my work, so if you are not satisfied for any reason, you can live with the painting for up to 30 days, then ship the painting back to me for a full refund if you’re not happy to have it in your home. Show it to your friends first. And make sure to show it to your art-loving friends who appreciate a good emotional bump, not the boring friends with poor taste.