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Bournemouth: Pine Walk art gallery
Bournemouth: Pine Walk art gallery

Please welcome my guest blogger this week, Rebecca Forrest! Rebecca collects art glass and a variety of other artworks in her beautiful, colorful home in Dayton, Ohio. You can learn more about her here:

But first, this is a painting Rebecca and her husband, Virgil, commissioned for their brilliantly colorful home. It’s called Mouse-Eye view and is based on a photo Virgil, the photographer, took.

Interested in having me paint something for you? You can reach me at and we can come up with a plan for your original artwork.

The idea of buying small original paintings is fascinating to me.

At my last full-time job, I had an office that was a room, not just a cubicle. All my life, I’ve heard people say that they can’t have nice things because of kids or pets or whatever.

I so disagree. Especially if the “obstacle” is kids. To me, it’s very important that children grow up around precious things—original art included. How else do they learn to cherish beautiful objects?

So, for my office, I went out and bought several original paintings. This was about 30 years ago, and my top price for each piece was $100. I found them at craft fairs, small shops, and from artist friends.

In addition to artwork for the walls, I bought several pieces of art glass. Again, I sought out locally made glasswork or art glass from emerging artists. My top price for a piece of art glass then was $25.

It was perfectly possible to furnish my office with inexpensive originals. And I encouraged my coworkers to look closely at and handle the individual pieces. I assured them that no piece was so expensive that I would be bothered by damage.

Dozens of people handled the artwork—whether paintings or glass. People who had never before handled any kind of original art. Several of them became collectors of inexpensive originals. And nothing was ever damaged.

Kellie’s small paintings are a bargain at $200. Think of the “art wall” you can create in your home. Think of the impact Kellie’s colorful paintings will have on you and your family. Each one can be a spot of cheer and energy in your life!

Rebecca Forrest


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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