Blood Moon Series

Painting of profile of hissing white cat against a red blood moon on a dark night
Painting of profile of hissing white cat against a red blood moon on a dark night
Saoirce the Scout Mug
Saoirce's Mug

The Blood Moon Clowder

In the quiet neighborhood where the human Desiree lived, an extraordinary tale of mystery and fantasy unfolded under the cloak of night. Here, hidden among the shadows, thrived a clandestine society known as the Blood Moon Clowder—a society of cats, bound by ancient pacts and secrets whispered through the ages.

Within Desiree’s human house, dwelled a feline of unique distinction—Electra Von Sassypants. By day, she was a pampered house cat, lounging in sunbeams and indulging in catnip dreams. But when the lunar eclipse painted the night sky in eerie hues, Electra’s true nature came to life. On these rare nights, she vanished from Desiree’s abode to commune with the enigmatic Blood Moon Clowder.

Tonight, as the crimson moon hung low, the colony’s leader, the formidable Overlord Greg, wore a troubled countenance. By his side stood his brother, Snowball, the Chief Warrior—a white furred feline with battle scars etched into his very being. Together, they summoned the Clowder for a meeting, a meeting that bore ominous tidings.

Amidst the assembly, Muffin, the Elder, sat in profound silence. His presence was indispensable, for he carried the weight of the colony’s history in his sagacious eyes.

A grave mystery haunted the realm of these cats. From neighboring colonies, cats were vanishing, only to return with the tips of their ears severed and grievous wounds across their abdomens or genitals. Fear and confusion gripped the Blood Moon Clowder, for the specter of a malevolent force loomed over them.

It was a mystery that demanded unconventional measures. The cats, ever cautious of the creatures who were typically their prey, contemplated an alliance with other species. They needed help to unearth the sinister truth that eluded them.

In their pursuit of answers, two unexpected allies emerged. Draco, a bat, served as a tireless territory scout for his colony of bats, his sonar guiding the way through the darkest of nights. Saoirce, a lab rat who had made a daring escape from a human laboratory, had become the eyes and ears of her mischief of rats.

As the cats delved deeper into their investigation, a peculiar pattern emerged. While some cats vanished forever, others were returned with their ears severed and adorned with scars. Curiously, these cats never succumbed to the dreaded Death Fever, an affliction that had claimed many a feline’s life.

The Blood Moon Clowder stood on the precipice of a revelation, the truth veiled in darkness and blood-red moonlight. They knew that uncovering the secrets of the severed ears held the key to their survival and the survival of their kind.