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Luminous, Expressive, Authentic

Artist with red hair
Artist with red hair

Artist's Statement

I paint luminous character portraits. Each face and setting is enhanced with light, color, texture, and personality. My characters are represented in oils and mixed media on canvas or panel surfaces. While I have always been an artist, Covid turned out to be the opportunity of a lifetime. After corporate careers in drafting, writing, and behaviorism, I finally had time to focus on honing my style and immersing all the precious hours of my days in creating a career in art. I never tire of painting faces. When I began to select reference photos that had interesting light effects and shadows that brought my models to life, I knew I was home.   


My current project is called 100 Faces, a personal portrait challenge to push my skills to the next level. As I progress I find myself increasingly selecting references in which the light informs the mood and affects the colors in a wide variety of faces.   


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Whether you are browsing the Kellie Snider collection, requesting a unique commissioned artwork, or shopping the merchandise, Kellie Snider Art is always dedicated to giving you her most creative work and helpful support. She believes in open communication, and provides detailed information about her products and services.  



Thank you for your interest in my work. I look forward to helping you bring beauty and luminosity to your life and living spaces through art.  ~Kellie

Portfolio & Available Art

Welcome to the world of Kellie, where art meets passion. You're invited to browse her collection of unique and captivating pieces, each one a reflection of her creative vision. If you see something you love or have an idea for a custom commission, please contact Kellie. You can purchase existing pieces directly from the website, or we can discuss creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece especially for you.


Experience art up close and personal with our exclusive merchandise collection. From prints to apparel, each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, handpicked by the artist to bring art and color to your life and living space.

Operant Artist Blog

Explore the creative journey of an experienced artist in the remaking. Join Kellie as she shares her experiences rebuilding her art biz and the challenges she faces along the way. Discover her unique approach to her craft, the bold moves she takes to stand out, and the inspirations that drive her forward. Read the blog and be part of Kellie’s artistic evolution.


For your convenience, here are answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any question you may have.

Kellie’s portrait work is in a style called abstract realism. It is a combination of realistic and abstract elements. Kellie’s work is known for luminosity, bright colors and interesting textures.

Kellie creates luminous, authentic character portraits. The goal is to bring out the sitter’s personality or mood through the use of light, shape, color, and texture. 

While Kellie has the ability to work in many styles, she does not take commissions that diverge greatly from her specialized style. She is happy to discuss your vision and determine if it fits within her scope.

Explore the website! Kellie’s artwork can be viewed on the website by visiting the “Portfolio” Section. Each piece is accompanied by detailed information and high-quality images for viewing.

Contact Kellie here. She will send a questionnaire that will get the conversation started. You’ll have a chance to let her know what you’re looking for, and discuss sizes and costs.

Cost depends on various factors including size of the finished artwork, complexity of the painting, and how many people, animals, or other features are in the artwork. This will be discussed before commencing the commission.

You may pay for the commissioned artwork online via credit card. I will send an invoice at the beginning of the work, and another at the end. I require half of the cost up front, and half at completion. After the payment is completed in full, your painting will be shipped to the address you provide.

I do not work with NFTs.

Estimated time to complete a commission will be discussed in advance, but it’s an inexact science. If you’re looking for an original oil painting of heirloom quality, it’s important to order the pieces well in advance of when needed.

Kellie works in oils which take a variable amount of time to dry, which affects the actual completion time. Completion is also affected by the complexity of the work. (e.g. a small portrait of a single person can often be completed and ready to ship in 2 weeks, but a wedding party of a dozen people will take significantly longer.) Shipping time is an additional issue which depends on how far it will be shipped from the artist’s studio.

Many of the artworks you may see elsewhere online are digital AI pieces, so while they can be purchased for less money and received in less time, they will not be high quality heirloom pieces.

Shipping is included inside the contiguous USA. Shipping costs outside the US are paid by the collector. 

Kellie offers a 100% refund for artworks that are returned in original condition within 30 days of purchase. Your refund will be made after the painting is received in new condition. Once a painting is returned Kellie Snider Art is free to resell the piece, and you have no further rights to it. Return shipping costs are the buyer’s responsibility. If a piece is damaged in transit, contact the artist as soon as possible. Shipped pieces are insured, so we will file a claim with the shipping company.

Not usually. In the US, when an artist creates a piece of art, the work is automatically copyrighted to them, even if they do not register it with the government copyright department. Copyright gives artists who have created fixed, tangible works a number of rights that do not transfer to the buyer of the original artwork. The rights provide artistic protection and ensure that artists can profit from what they’ve made. After an artist creates a piece, the artist has the right to make copies of their work, distribute those copies, display the work publicly, or make works that derive from the original.

Buying a painting does not transfer the copyright to the buyer unless the copyright was specifically included in the sale, and there must be documentation that this transfer was agreed upon. So, if you buy Kellie Snider’s Notorious Painting, you have purchased the right to own and display it, but you cannot create new artworks either by copying, printing, or changing the original artwork. You should not alter the original artwork to make it different in any way from the original. Framing is great, but making a change to the artwork itself is not.

If you are interested in having Kellie create an artwork for which you will own the copyright, discuss this in advance. It will require a contract and additional fees.

You can support Kellie’s business by purchasing her artwork or merchandise, commissioning a piece, sharing her work with others, or leaving a review or testimonial.

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You can contact Kellie by using the contact information provided on the website or by filling out the contact form. Kellie will respond as soon as possible.
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